Member Spotlight

April 2016 Member Spotlight with Linda Scherr


Linda Scherr

What position and with what company are you currently associated with?

I’m currently with Collins & Company.  Collins and Co is  a TPA, Third Party Administrator and I’ve been there over 10 years, in the      capacity of a litigation specialist.

Have you had any other positions in this industry?

Oh many.  I started as an adjuster around 1979; I’ve been a claims examiner, a marketing rep, a litigation specialist, a regional litigation specialist, a supervisor.

How long have you been a member of this group, the Bluegrass Claims Association?

It would be since the late 70’s or maybe early 80’s.

In that time have you served on the Bluegrass Claims board and what jobs did you have?

Yes, I have served several times.  I believe once as secretary, maybe twice.  Twice as treasurer and once as Vice President.

What do you think is the best kept secret of this organization?

It’s a great place to network.  You can get your CE credits, at no cost.  It’s just a nice place to socialize; it’s a very good environment.  Everybody is warm and friendly.  You develop friendships over a lifetime. I mean I’ve been in this business, the industry for almost 30 years and I’ve developed a lot of friendships. Unfortunately, I’ve seen a lot of people that have passed on due to my age.  But, there are still a lot of friends that I have here, that I have had over the years.

Are there BGCA members that have made a positive impression on you in any way?

Yes, some past presidents; Harry Lane, Sid Sutphin, Gene Welsh.  I also had the pleasure of working with those gentlemen over the years.  Erica Barnes and yourself.

Have there been any Bluegrass Claims functions that you think you want to share anything about, whether it was an outing or a CE?

Oh they’ve had some lovely golf outings.  We’ve had some beautiful weather.  It’s just nice to socialize, I don’t really play golf, but I enjoy going and seeing other people play.  All the functions they have available.  Like I said, of course the free CE classes, which being an independent working for an independent we have to have those, it’s very helpful.


 March 2016 Member Spotlight with Greg Funfsinn

Greg Funfsinn

Greg Funfsinn

What position and with what company are you associated?

I am a Senior Associate with Walters Meadows Richardson, which is an insurance defense law firm that has offices in Lexington and Louisville.  Before that I was at Landrum and Shouse, which is another insurance defense firm in Lexington for about 2 years.

How long have you been a member of the BGCA?

Almost a year and a half.

Have you ever served on the BGCA Board and if so, in what capacity?

Technically, not, but, I do attend the board meetings because I am the Community Service Chair for 2016 and was for 2015 as well.  I choose a charity for each month.  We try to have a different one each month.  We do a raffle where we can donate the money or goods.  During the winter months we collect clothing for certain charities, canned goods during the holidays and things like that.  My job is to choose a different  charity for each month and then at events like the golf outing I pick a charity that we can raise money for.

What do you find as the best kept secret of the BGCA?

I would say the monthly meetings on the 3rd Thursday of every month.  Other meetings are kind of a chore going to network but it’s not that way for the BGCA meetings.  The first meeting it’s a room full of strangers but by the 2nd meeting you’re voted in as a member and as long as you put yourself out there you make friends quickly and have a cocktail or two and a delicious dinner and meet people in this industry who can help you with work and who become your friends really.

Is there a BGCA Member that has made a positive impression on you during your membership?

There are several, but the one that sticks out the most is Erica Barnes, she works at Grange. She’s been a member for quite a while.  She has taken me under her wing the past year and a half and introduced me around.  She has shown me the ropes of being the Community Service Chair and being more involved.  She’s been great!

Have you attended a BGCA function that you would like to share a comment, story or impression about ?  (Monthly meetings?  CE Class?  Golf outing?  Christmas Party?)

I try to go to the meetings every month.  I’ve also been to the golf outing and the Christmas party.  The golf outing was great, I didn’t even play golf and I had a blast.  I was selling raffle tickets.  We raised $500.00 for the Ronald McDonald House charities.   I have attended the BGCA Christmas party as well.  That’s a blast.  There’s a photo booth, a dance floor that is packed and drinks.  You’ll need to Uber or cab it home because the drinks are typically flowing.  It’s just a great time.  At the Christmas Party we raised a bunch of money to feed families around the holidays.  Not only are you having a good time with nice people but you’re giving back and raising money for charities.  It’s just a great organization.

February 2016 Member Spotlight with Helen Allen

What positHelen Allenion and with what company are you associated?

Helen worked as an adjuster with Kentucky Farm Bureau for 34 years (she retired in 2000). She spent some time working as an independent adjuster and   currently works in a marketing role with SafeLight Auto Glass.

Have you ever served on the BGCA Board and if so, in what capacity?

Helen has been a member of the BGCA for 27 years.   In that time she served in a number of roles including Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-President and served on a number of committees.

What do you find as the best kept secret of the BGCA?

If you start coming and attending the meetings, don’t miss any! You might get ‘volunteered’ to do something!”

Is there a BGCA Member that has made a positive impression on you?

“Well, I think of this every time I see a new person coming to our meetings. The first couple times I attended, 27 years ago, Mr. Charlie Locker was such a nice gentleman, kind, professional person and he always made me feel very welcome and comfortable.”

What would you tell a perspective New Member about the BGCA and the benefits of       membership?

“The benefits are there, you just go for them! Networking is a great benefit. Education through our speakers that are geared toward our industry, our Continuing Education classes that we provide…I still get my 24 hours every two years! You make lifelong friendships and, it’s just unlimited.”

Have you attended a BGCA function that you would like to share a comment, story or         impression about ? (Monthly meetings? CE Class? Golf outing? Christmas Party?)

We’ve had some great events. Our Christmas Parties, our Golf Outings and our monthly meetings are just great. But when my peers nominated me to represent the organization at the State level, that was a great time.

Any final comments?

Just everybody invite somebody and get more here!